How do you deal with the pain of not having any friends?
People usually think I'm exaggerating when I say "I have no friends" and will assume I have at least a couple friends. No, I really don't, I have maybe 2 "aquantinces", but they'll check up on me once a year, or once every few months if I'm lucky. Not that I don't appreciate it of course, it's just painful knowing I have no real friends to go to when I really need one, or one that's willing to put in any effort to a friendship. And I'm usually told that I shouldn't "complain" about having no friends and to enjoy my "alone time", but it's still very painful and isolating, and my "alone time" is basically 24/7, which isn't as fun as it sounds (at least for me). I do online college, I don't drive yet due to the anxiety of it, and I still live at my parents house until I can finish school and am financially able to move out. I do have a boyfriend I've been with for a few years, and we're happy together, but we're currently long distance rn due to his job, So I spend basically everyday at home, with no human interaction (besides my parents at the end of the day), and the loneliness hurts so bad. And seeing my old "friends" on social media enjoying their time having multiple new friends, getting to enjoy the world and not wanting anything to do with me makes me feel worse. I'm sorry this post is long, but I just don't know how to control this pain and I didn't want to leave out any details to my situation that may be important to note. If anyone is able to relate, or is able to give me any advice on how to handle the depression of having no friends, please comment below, I feel so alone in this 💔

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  • GooseFlakes


    I've been in your shoes so I understand the pain completely, I dont know if you'd be able to get a job cause I don't do school atm, but if you do have a job you should branch out and talk to your coworkers, can work with school too! Ask a classmate to help you with something if you can do that online. I'm not too sure if you can though so please correct me if I'm wrong. But you got this, take the initiative and compliment someone or be kind and mention something you see and have interest in!

  • scarletfire


    Wow as I was reading this I thought “did I post this?” as I can really relate to a lot of what you seem to be feeling. I recently graduated college and I’m working full time and have no friends in my town. When I’m not at work I’m at home with my parents which is mentally draining. I’m also in a long distance relationship which is stressful and difficult at times. I am very lonely and wish I had friends to spend time with or talk to I just don’t know how to make friends?¿ I just know I would feel better mentally if I had some friends to be with but I just don’t right now and it’s hard. I suppose this isn’t advice or really helpful but I think I can empathize with how you are feeling and what you are going through. I’m sure you are very cool and deserve some rad people in your life ✨

  • Clever


    I have zero irl friends and a handful of internet friends I can't meet right now so I understand your pain. Humans are naturally social creatures so even introverts will need genuine conversation from time to time. I grew up like this and have been isolated since childhood from others. Only in the last 3 years have I gotten my life back up and learning how to understand conversation and other formalities. I suggest looking for joining clubs around you, whether in college or in the community. If that's not your thing, there are tons of online communities and video games where you can get that interaction from.

  • Brobi1


    Hi there! Im so sorry to hear youre going through all of that at one time. I know myself and many others also feel ways youre describing and would love to share experiences and have good conversations. My messages are always open and I hope this reaches you kindly

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