Through out my day I have flashbacks of my relatives dying in front of me. I have seen and help take care of all grandparents during the end of their life from a very young age. Sometimes when I sleep I watch them die in my dreams over and over on repeat. It seems like it doesn't end. other times i dream of the terror or sadness they had on there face. sometimes I'm terrified to go to sleep. I am prescribed prazosin to "help" stop the nightmares. don't get me wrong. I feel like my PTSD gets in the way of life. I hate explaining it to people that don't have ptsd. Just happy to have this App to meet others like me.


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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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    I lost a really close friend to depression. They were always ready to help strangers, never upset and very passionate about his hobbies. His loss was very unexpected. I was there to say goodbye in his last few minutes. The image of it haunted me while I slept and when I woke. I couldn’t stop thinking about why he did it and what I could have done to stop it and why didn’t he ask me for help. They weren’t family like in your case, but I loved him deeply. I too got tired of explaining to people the ptsd that came with the experience when told to learn to get over it. What helped me was not getting over it but embracing it. My friend did such great things for many people and because of that the world is a much better place. True they can’t continue to do it, and the experience is still gruesome but accepting that the person left a tremendous mark on earth helps me sleep knowing that they fulfilled their person. Also, knowing that they can no longer feel the pain they were fighting gives me a sense of happiness. I’m sorry for what you are going through. As weird as it may sound, know that I love you and I’m routing for your recovery. From one distressed soul to another, you are not alone. As long as you keep trying your best as you have been doing, things will get better!

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