for the first time in over a year, last night I felt like I was going to have a pseudoseizure. It scared me. I have three kids who need me to be healthy, one being my precious 2 month old. luckily i am better today. I got some good sleep. anyone have any ways they deal with or prevent theirs?

Psychogenic non epileptic seizure

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  • lousie


    How can u tell if a pnes seizure will happen?

    • TempestFuryMaiden


      dizzy, twitchy, foggy, sluggish speech, heavy feeling. I normally sit down at this point and relax.

  • PicklesTheCat


    I make sure to stay very cool and always have water with me as heat is a major trigger for me. I've also found that when I don't get enough rest I have more seizures

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