anyone out there with pocd have any advice about dealing with it? especially pertaining to avoidance of anything triggering

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • marty.t


    I have some tips, you can have healing affirmations, therapy, maybe finding the trigger that causes it to form. For me, I like young men, now by that I mean 18-25. But I trigger myself thinking since I like young men, who are teens still that I like younger. Which is in fact a lie, because these are MEN. but that evil Karen loves to show up and ruin that for me. Understand you are not the pocd, you are you and you love and understand yourself. It's hard but you can over come, I did and know my triggers and keep away from them. You are good, you are awesome, and you are not that karen.

    • finnigan


      thank you so much for the advice

  • idkwhyimhereguys


    i have pocd too can we talk about it

  • ItsJustARide


    I dont know if this is controversial, but I think instead of avoiding triggers I would avoid the compulsions. Some triggers are impossible to avoid. But acting on the obsessions is a slippery slope because they become bigger and more irrational the more you validate them. Not acting on them will of course cause anxiety but I just sit with the anxiety and uncomfortable feelings. Its the only way to not go into full ocd madness where I can't even leave the house. My ocd has to do with health, at its worst every hour or so I thought I had a different disease and would have to spend hours googling, performing various tests on my vitals etc. Not doing so would result in a panic attack. So I decided I had enough and one day when the usual thoughts of having a disease would pop up I did nothing, didnt Google, didn't measure my vitals...nothing. Just went through the panic attack and eventually there was light at the end of the tunnel and the obsessions started to lesson their hold on me. I started paying attention to the physical sensations of anxiety and my thoughts and feelings during an episode. I practiced gratitude and started asking myself questions; what if I DID have this or that disease? Would it be that bad? Am I going to die? Am I unsafe? Why am I so scared? Its not the end of the world.

    • finnigan


      yes this!! i probably should have worded this better. i didn’t mean how to avoid triggers, i actually meant how to stop avoiding triggers just like you said!! it’s definitely better to allow yourself to become triggered and cope with the anxiety in the long run, just like ERP

      • ItsJustARide


        yeah exactly. The way I think of it ocd is a way of dealing with/avoiding anxiety. Some people avoid anxiety by drinking, or working, or not leaving the house etc, and other people, like us, become obsessive and have compulsive behaviors. So its all about finding healthier ways to deal with anxiety.

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