Does anyone else have orthostatic hypotension? The doctor apologized for ruining my day when he diagnosed me and I need some hope.

I've been upset for days over his response when he was saying he can't guarantee medication will work and that the only thing I can do is lifestyle changes and I'm just really sad.


Orthostatic hypotension

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  • tallgirl22


    I have it! Did he offer any medications or treatments? If you have the right treatment it can be manageable!

    • WhimsicalMushroom


      he didn't. He gave me some lifestyle changes to make but untimely was saying that there's nothing they can really do for it and to talk to my cardiologist

      • tallgirl22


        A cardiologist could be helpful! Just make sure you go to one who works with your diagnosis so they can be most helpful. I personally have orthostatic hypotension and POTS so I’m on a regimen with daily IV fluids which has really been a life saver for me but there should be other options as well if you see a specialist and need intervention.

  • MammaCookie


    Actually a lifestyle change is a revolutionary treatment for orthodontic hypotension. I desperately wanted an cure to make it all better, but when I started living the lifestyle all healthy humans should be living anyway, almost all my symptoms that prevented normal life went away. It took a few months, but now I have such mild symptoms. I just have to watch out for certain things every now and then. I left my diagnosis visit very discouraged but then I was humbled. Didn't I want to be healed enough to do the simple, daily tasked the doctors said I should? It still takes tons of diligence and self control, but I get to live a mostly normal life when I stay on top of it.

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