Having an OCD attack right now. Visiting my family and their house is always disgusting. I moved out months ago and coming back is extremely triggering. Last time I visited I didn’t hang out with any of my friends bc I was busy cleaning the entire house, and this time I’m trying not to, but I feel trapped. I can either be in a constant panic because of my surroundings and go out occasionally, or I can relieve my panic and clean everything but completely isolate myself from everyone. I confided in my mom and asked if she could help me keep things clean but she got defensive but agreed to help. Yet she still left the house leaving raw bacon and cracked egg shells and open butter on the counter. I have already compulsively cleaned half of the kitchen. I really want to stay up all night and clean everything. I’m not sure how to calm down right now. Any advice will help, sorry for the long paragraph

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • HotMess07


    🤗 that’s truly a very very very difficult situation to be in. I know when I go to visit other people sometimes it really sets off my OCD because not everyone lives the way we do. Calming down is a very difficult task I mean the only thing you can really do is try some breathing techniques. If you’re going to be there long-term then you might as well just clean and get it over with because you will be in a constant state of anxiety if you don’t. I wish I had a better answer for you but that’s what I would do I would just clean it and try to talk to the people living there without offending them.

    • Ashby


      Thank you for the comment! I’m only going to be here for 5 days and I unfortunately have talked to them many times and they seem understanding but nothing changes :( I think I might need to find a different place to stay when I visit. I will definitely try breathing technique’s though, thank you very much!

  • Heytoday


    Tbh and I say this as someone who has ocd and knows how utterly terrifying it is— it’s impossible to be fully accommodated. I always want constant reassurance and any and all triggers to be neutralized. But that’s not life. I can’t control everything, and trying to keeps me back from enjoying life. Personally, I’d recommend exposing yourself suuuuper briefly to those triggers, then walking away. Not cleaning yourself, not reassuring yourself that you don’t have to worry, but just simply walking away and accepting the feeling. It’s a **** feeling, but it’s one you will survive, and one that makes you more resilient as you slowlyyy increase the level of challenge

    • Ashby


      I just saw this! I’m currently coming down from a severe OCD panic attack and wish I had read this before it got so bad. I’m definitely going to try this. I always end up giving into my impulses to make me feel better but I’m seeing how it can be damaging. Thank you!

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