How do y'all react when you tell someone you have OCD and they respond "Omg, me too im so ocd!"? Because personally I want to rip my brain out.

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  • JoshAG


    No same lmaoo

  • Unknown12


    Honestly me too. They make it sound like it's some quirky thing and it's not.

  • judo


    i just awkardly laugh, i dont actually ever think its funny but id rather die than be confrontational lol

  • Jerrodannen


    It’s so annoying. These types of ignorant people think that ocd is a “perfectionist” medical illness when in reality it’s just your mind telling you to do certain things religiously or something might “happen”. These types of people never understand

  • Viynyl


    I've gotten that quite a few times, especially in school. People who say things like that usually have very little to no education about the disorder and how it effects people

  • zeroooo


    i would run away

  • bellathemonkey


    Real omgg i hate when people say that like its not quirky or cute its annoying to have, and if your gonna say you have OCD then atleast say it correct💀🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Asteroidrose


    I'd just walk away

  • DRewanna


    I hate it. I don’t tell many people because that’s a popular response.

  • Anura


    I think I've grown used to the way people respond to OCD because I've heard it so many times, but it's still frustrating when it gets through my mental barriers. I think my biggest issue with talking about OCD is that nobody takes it seriously. I have many conditions and it's one of the few that's nearly managed to kill me - via my intrusive thoughts leading to suicidal ones

  • Bre19


    I explain what it actually means to have ocd because they may not be educated on what it really means if they are educated though then I'd leave

  • Swiftie13


    I hate it when people misuse the term OCD. Like babe I can’t control my thoughts and actions and you just like things to be clean???

  • deardiary


    it’s frustrating tbh. but i feel like i can’t get into it because then i’m “being sensitive”

  • ethereal_atlas


    mostly ignore them. it annoys me but ive stopped correcting people.

  • Mazzyllene


    I like to ask who diagnosed them and what type of therapy has been working.

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