Ended up not doing inpatient and I’m doing outpatient instead. Just on the waiting list until next week. I also found out one of my friends basically said he doesn’t care about my mental health and that “there’s nothing going wrong in my life so I shouldn’t be having random breakdowns and he can’t deal with it”. I shouldn’t care because that’s not what I want in my life is someone who doesn’t care about mental health. But also I cared about him. I wish I could just detach and not think about it but I don’t know how to do that. I’m tired of people just playing with my feelings.


Child emotional/psychological abuse


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Tomato


    I knew many “friends” who said that i should just get over it and they sick from hearing about it. I think you shouldn’t bother yourself in such concerns.

    • Sarahbeara97


      yeah I’ve been trying to pick myself back up. I’ve got group therapy that starts this week so I’m excited about that

  • imaginativewriter


    You can’t control the way someone acts/feels/understands about mental health. Just focus on yourself and bettering yourself and the right people will come around to support you 🤗

  • Icequeen90


    Mindful meditation helped me a lot with the dealings of things I cannot control but would worry myself sick about. It teaches you to accept your feelings, name them and then move on. It has worked wonders for my life.

    • aldrwytch


      this can help me sometimes too! I also like body scan style meditations, which help me ground and get out of my head a little when things are too much. It’s so hard when someone you thought was a friend turns out not to be 💔 you’re allowed to grieve that if you feel you need to. Just try not to internalize it—that person’s lack of empathy and understanding aren’t your fault.

      • Sarahbeara97


        I’ll definitely try meditating for sure. I would like to find an app that’s like a guided one.

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