I do not know if anyone has been through what I am trying to recover from but here it goes. a couple of days ago I was having dinner with my family I was in severe pain soy leg didn't want to work. my niece asked me to move my leg I said if she could just scoot over a bit because and than my mind just stopped. my mother in law said something droggitory and in a mean tone.(reminded me of a bully) I said I could go to my room if need be and she replied if you want to in a mean tone again. my mom used to treat me this way and it was very hurtful. I can't seem to get passed it. I live with my mother in law and really need to get passed this but I just can't. if it were you how would you handle this situation? just need advice because my anxiety is blowing up.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • cabezacansada


    I would say try to give her the benefit of the doubt (maybe she had a bad day, or didn't feel well herself). But if you still can't get past it, then I think you need to have a conversation with her. Not accusing her or judging her, just stating facts of what she did, how it's affected you, and how you would like to handle similar situations in the future.

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