I recently found out my ex is back in town. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm so paranoid, nightmares have come back, I keep looking over my shoulder wherever I go, I'm scared for my son and myself. He was so emotionally sadistic. he told me he would destroy my life if I left him, he was almost successful and then disappeared for years. I'm so scared he's going to do something now that he's back in town. Half of me wants to show off how well I'm doing without him, the other half just wants to avoid him at all costs.

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  • Usagi_Tsukino


    If it were me personally I would avoid him because if he’s interested in you really he’s gonna find people to question and keep tabs on you and he will lowkey know you’re doing better and possibly reach out just cause that and/or just cause he’s toxic. Do what’s best for yourself and your son!

  • GrumpyWaffle


    Avoid him. Showing off how well you're doing could trigger his need to feel in control again. I have a person like this too. One that I still check parking lots for before I get out of my car. And every time I see a face/body build similar to his, I pause for an extra moment, just to make sure it isn't him. It does get exhausting.

  • SoxyWoxy


    I would say avoidance is your best choice. Don't hide out and show him how scared you are, but definitely don't seek him out. He wants that control over you. Just act like he doesn't exist anymore. It's your life now, not his. You can do this. ❤️💕

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