Back in 2020, I sustained an injury while carving a pumpkin to my dominant hand's pinky finger that ended up infected (due to an immune deficiency) which led to me almost losing half of my hand. I had emergency surgery to clean it out and try to save it, but because the knife sliced my tendon too I needed it repaired and the tendon was infected. Ever since I have had chronic pain in it and struggle to move it some days, even with constant and consistent physical therapy. The surgeon doesn't know why I am still having pain, but I was using a THC cream on it that helped for a while and now it isn't helping so much since the pain has gotten worse. Any advice on managing the pain while still being able to do my job? My hand gets used pretty heavily everyday because I am both a contract painter as well as a fine artist and I love what I do and I am not interested in ever switching careers.

Arthralgia, Arthropathy

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