Hey everyone. My name is Elisha . I have had 4 episodes over my life that just come over me . It feels like an attack on my body. I get a flushing feeling through my whole body . After experiences this my hands shake. I get twitches. I feel ago weak and fatigued and feel sick . My stomach squeezes and my cheat gets tight and I’m so irritable and scared/ hopeless. The first 3 times i had this it only lasted about 5 weeks and my dr told me you have anxiety . I never really thought that was the root but i have developed it now because i hate feeling so bad. This year i had a fibroid embolized and went through so much pain . The symptoms described above after After the embolism. This tome they have lasted for 9 months. I have been to a gastroenterologist who found i hd low ferritin ( iron stores) so i had 3 infusions. I felt better after 3 weeks and my level was way up . Now 2 weeks later I’m feeling those symptoms again. I suspect something is wrong with me and my body is telling me through these symptoms . I was hopeful it was the low iron causing all this but now i might be wrong. I have had a rough year and through this depression leaked in and a few months i just wanted to die.

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