Today started off really good. Went to the gym went food shopping then when I’m leaving for work anxiety kicked in. I went to work 1230 and just got worse as I was here the bad part I can’t leave work I’m working till nine tonight but then I’m on break I took an anxiety pill, so now that’s a kick it down but now I’m going to be really tired. I hate when this happens does anyone else you feel the same way and I wonder why doesn’t happen I don’t understand. I called my doctor that describes me my anxiety meds I called yesterday, but no response. I guess I got a call again, and like I said, I really have no one to talk to hope I get better

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • ChillaxinEskimo


    If you need someone to message, I'd be willing to listen to ya

  • Cuz


    Thank you so much I mean it. Thank you so much. You’re very nice. No I’m home. I feel relaxed. It’s like when I’m home relaxing getting ready to go to bed soon. I’m in the best.

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