I can't stand people being annoyed with me. Me and my best friend both do things that annoy each other, it seems like I do multiple things that annoy her. She won't tell me what those things are, because she says that could worsen my anxiety and that I can't make everyone happy. But unless I know what I do that annoys her, I will just try to avoid doing anything that could possibly be annoying to her at all. I'm trying not to express any negativity, trying not to express any feelings other than happiness, trying not to ask too much from her, stuff like that. I know it's not good, but I'd rather try to be perfect than ever be annoying to her.

Even if one day I've recovered from anxiety, I don't think this issue will ever be better. I really don't. I feel like I'm gonna be doing this forever. I feel like I'm gonna be anxious and codependent for the rest of my life.

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  • MichealB


    I totally understand that. I felt that way with my friends for a long time and still do sometimes. The one thing that helped me was I asked my bestfriend to point out if I was being annoying as it was happening. So I know what I'm doing and I can try to be better about it. It made me less anxious that way too because they don't have to explain what annoyed them and why because it's as it happens. Even if it's just something small at first and working up. Hope that helps

  • xoxogossipgirl


    i definitely relate to this - i could absolutely hate something but if someone else wants to do it i will or if someone doesn’t like me i’ll try to change myself to appeal to them - but then i thought y? ya know…like y was i putting myself through all this trouble just to please someone or be perfect to someone if they aren’t perfect to me - in ur case if she annoys u and doesn’t change her way of doing things then u shouldn’t either. idk if that was any help but for me i just had to change my way of thinking about the situation 💕

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