i am just so angry with my sister right now. my mom and I were supposed to go out to do errands but my sister asked her a question that has angered my mom. thanks to her we cannot do them now because my mom is too angry to go out. I am very angry and upset with my sister. she says it's not her fault and she claimed she didn't ask a stupid question and she just continued to make my mom angry. I need help not feeling angry over this situation. it has nothing to do with me except the fact that I was supposed to go out and do those errands

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • anemone


    could it be your mom's fault for getting so angry over a question that may have been well-meaning? also, could you give her a bit to cool down and then do the errands together anyway?

  • bum


    If your mother gets that angry over a "stupid" question maybe she needs to seek some kind of anger management. It really depends on what your sister asked though

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