Ive been so angry lately, I keep tearing up thinking about my traumas, but I mostly feel angry not sad. I just cant let it go, nothing my therapist says is helping. I just want to be angry, I want confront my parents with what they put me through. I need the closure so I can stop constantly wanting to talk about it. sorry for the rant, just needed to say something so I don't explode from the pressure lol.

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  • Zoinks


    If confronting them will bring you peace, maybe you should. If it will only make you feel worse in the long run, maybe it's best not to, since it won't change the past, after all. Just think on it for a little while. You'll know what's best. Best not to confront them when you're angry, though. Wait a few days until you've calmed down and your thoughts are clear so you can express how you feel rather than start an argument. That will get you nowhere. I wish you luck!

  • Amelia32


    So, different situation, but all the same feelings here. Saying all the things doesn't seem to help. I understand feeling such pure rage that it feels like a (cartoon) water hose. Swollen to a massive ball. But no matter how much pressure you release from that hose, that giant knot doesn't seem to lose size. But the real kicker is that even if you don't feel the sadness, anger is a secondary emotion. It is often rooted in, pain, and/or sadness. I agree with zoinks. Say what you need to say, and walk away. Being around them, seeing them, hearing, anything about them, really is just going to hurt you more. In time you, and your parents may be able to be in the same room together respectfully. Not saying it will be lovey- dovey, but better than what you're used to. Wish you the best, and here if you would like to chat.

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