i have an embarrassing moment in my mind where i shared a joke with some kids at school that i used with my sister. the next girl asked me if i was telling rhe joke becuz the girl i was telling it to was asian. the joke goes “why do u need glasses, just look!” it was so funny with my sister but they got such a bad impression of me from that its so embarassing thinking about it makes my chest hurt. i just want to let this past humiliation and hurt go.


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  • BonBonthecoolkid


    I get that, ive accidentally done something smiliar as well. Sometimes you mean something in an innocent way but it can be taken another way without you realizing. Just know that you know better now and will make sure you don't make the same mistake :0!

  • keropel


    People can take anything you say the wrong way depending upon their mindset and insecurities. As long as what you say isn't meant to harm someone, you shouldn't feel guilty or embarrassed. We can't walk on eggshells our whole life's being cautious and over thinking every word we say. The best you should do is to be yourself and if someone feels insulted by your words or actions, they can confront you and you will have the chance to explain. Whether they beleive you is also nothing to dwell on. Everyone has their own path of learning and improving. Don't beat yourself up for something you said that was meant to bring others happiness. Allow your true self to be loved by others without the fear of being misunderstood. New people will slowly learn the true you, misunderstandings will become less in time, and relationships will become stronger. Im not the best with words and feel im not explaining well 😅 but this is my personal opinion. I have similar thoughts and problems go through my head constantly. This is what I try to tell myself. Even writing this I have anxiety and want to delete it haha

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