Not long ago I had a super close friend who I knew liked me and I was beginning to like her back but I'd never liked a girl before, so I talked to her about and told her I didn't want to do anything while I was still confused and in high school, she said she understood, but soon she started to get really possessive and was telling everyone we were dating.

I didn't know she was doing that until later and I only got away from her 2 months ago because she'd threatened to hurt/kill herself if I left her again and she would tell me that I was the one who made her so upset, that I did something wrong, I hadn't seen that what she was toxic or abusive until all my friends stepped in.

I had one in particular that helped me the most, but because I was starting to get some from her, the threats became more serious, sending photos to me of her with a knife to her throat, and she started hurting me, I didn't think it was serious because she only left a mark 2 or 3 times a month so I hadn't told anyone, but I've become so scared of her.

Even after I've got away from her I'm still so scared that she'll make her way back into my life. I don't trust myself to be alone with her because I can't help but care for her after the 7 years we were close friends and I'm too scared to tell her no because I don't want her to get angry when I can't get away.

Adult psychological abuse

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