I haven't been switching much recently, maybe because I just moved to a new household like 2 weeks ago. How does moving affect your switching?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • damon


    For us it's sent us absolutely through the ringer. We've been switching near constantly in contrast to before when we maybe switched at most twice a day. The main factor I notice that triggers it is stress. As I'm very stressed in a new place and a new job and a new everything.

  • bonemarreaux


    We have moved twice in the past couple years. The first move was HARD. That was me leaving my parent's house. It was super stressful, which can trigger a lot of switching. But the second time was into a house that we had bought with our fiance, and it was more of a happy time. Less stress switching and more "controlled" switching. Not actually controlling it, but just not so chaotic.

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