we had graduation practice, and since my name isn't my legal one they're calling me up by mt deadname, and I heard it and I want to cry and throw myself our a window. I would ask to change it but I have family who's not accepting.

Gender Dysphoria

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  • Nagisaga


    I'm sorry about that...I understand how you feel but it will get better for you stay strong....and once you are a legal adult go through the process of it....either save for the court costs or there are some places that help with name change process and if you do not have an income or its low enough you can qualify for a wave on the fee :) im not sure what state you live in but I did it in Illinois with the justicetransformitiveproject I do believe its called...its been a year sorry it something like that I hope that helps ya 🤗 🏳️‍⚧️

    • Payyto


      thank you. I'll check them out, if they're on Washington that is.

  • imthepillowPrincess


    Of course your decision is yours to make, but I wish I had the idea to do that for my graduation. If your family is not accepting, having them announce your dead name is not going help then accept you. I think you sound start living your truth and try to be happy. Don't put off being yourself. Also, maybe there's a nickname or something that makes you less dysphoric but your family might not care much about.

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