Does anyone else struggle to focus on things you enjoy? I used to hyperfixate on special interests forever, now it rarely feels like I can pay attention even if I'm interested.


Attention-Deficit Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • panubino


    same here. i think it's just a part of burnout/depression. lately i haven't felt the same energy that i used to for hyperfixations. i don't really wanna do anything, and even when i have some sort of motivation, it's not the same *zest* i had before

    • Zenthepiglet



    • Sal3m


      yeah that exactly, I'm often left to just sit there almost in pain from the boredom, even though I know I could be at least trying to entertain myself, it just feels unenjoyable so not worth the effort

  • Ashee


    I have burnout because of other chronic issues.

  • IceGoddess


    I have thought about this more and more lately. Thinking it's either burnout or depression. And I struggle super hard with getting myself the help I need. So currently see no end in sight.

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