Anyone have random foot cramps like you pulled a muscle? Took a nap earlier today and woke up to pain in the arch of my right foot. Moving my foot is painful also when spreading my toes. This is the first time this happend.

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  • Krystal


    I get some deep, achy pains in the arch of my foot and also lots of pain spreading and wiggling my toes. I finally went into an orthopedic doctor. They did a few x-rays on my foot and said I have small, stress fractures in the Metatarsal pad of my foot. I had to wear a walking boot for a month. It helped heal my foot and it felt much better. This was a few years ago unfortunately I have been on my feet a lot more lately and feel like they may be starting again. I hope you can find some relief soon. ❤️

    • LunarQ


      Thank you. What type of shoes do you usually wear when you're on your feet? I used to be a Chef and found that memory foam arch support helped me.

  • meold


    I have had that. Mine was Plantar Fasciitis. Amazon has some really good splints you can wear at night as well as other ways of helping. I think they cost around $30.00.

    • PurpleMage


      I've had that too it sucked

  • Summer2022


    I had plantar fasciitis too and my podiatrist casted inserts because I have the feet of a ballerina but not so much the body lol and it cured it I only buy ASICS because they don’t bend and support high arches and when I feel the symptoms coming back I use my inserts again and it takes care of the pain. Find a good podiatrist and hopefully things get better for you

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