Hi I'm Anthony (He/They) I'm 11 years old, I'm young ik, but I downloaded this app to talk about my conditions, here I go! I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I think I have ADHD, I really forgetful, I have trouble focusing, I have difficulty sitting still, I'm really disorganized, I talk to much, I'm careless alot, I day dream, I get angry easy, sometimes I don't want to talk to others, I get angry when sometimes doesn't go the way I plan. I'm too scared to tell my mom. My mom yells at me when I forget to take a shower do basic things, she started this new rule to wear slippers around the house and when I can't remember it, she yells at me. I zone off in class alot. I have a ton of papers in my locker, and something doesn't go the way I plan, I get mad. I cannot sit still, I change positions 24/7. I get F's on everything and then just act like it doesn't exist. whenever I'm in a conversation, I talk to much so I'm like 70% of the conversation. I don't want to talk to others sometimes, which ends with me ghosting them. I hate it! I HATE IT SO MUCH. I WISH IT WOULD JUST GO AWAY.

Chronic Memory Loss

Attention-Deficit Disorder

Generalized pain

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  • NessieSoph


    Hey Anthony. It sounds like your mom isn't a trusted adult, but is there someone who you do feel comfy talking to like a teacher, counselor, or older sibling? This sounds a lot like how I felt when I was younger and I hate seeing a kid in pain. I think reaching out on here is great but please be careful who you engage with on this platform cause creeps will take advantage of confused/neurodivergent kids. I am a CPS person worker irl and have my degree in education so if you need help let me know.

  • SalineTurnip


    Hi Anthony. Welcome to the app! I agree that you should talk to a trusted adult like a counselor or teacher. And do be careful on here. Never give out personal information to someone you don't know, not even your last name.

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