I'm 51, having had PCOS symptoms since puberty and was diagnosed in the early 90s. I found ways to deal with all the issues it caused me like my fertility, my periods, my moods, my crazy hair growth, etc. But the one issue that I just can't even handle is my weight. For 30 years I've struggled and dieted and exercised endlessly and never got anything but heavier. I'm 275 now and all my "big" clothes are tight yet again. I have never been comfortable or happy with my body and have fought for my health without any success. It's so discouraging. I won't do Metformin. I just don't want another medicine giving me side affects that won't actually do much to help significantly. Is anyone else experiencing this weight frustration? I can get over the other stuff but this piece affects me so deeply, sapping my confidence and making me feel so misunderstood. Literally I have been told by doctors, nutritionists, coaches and do gooders "maybe try dieting" more times than I can count which is infuriating because I have never NOT been carefully dieting always. I just don't get results and the PCOS is the only explanation because I have tried everything. I'm sorry to complain so much but I am just so tired and frustrated doing so much and still just being fat which my doctor refers to as the technically corect term "morbidly obese" Uggh. 😠

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  • Eebee


    Hi. I have felt similar frustration over the years. I am 42 and I have struggled with obesity for over 20 years. It can sometimes be connected to a thyroid issue. My thyroid was fine but I started taking kelp pills just to help. It has helped me a little. I also tried going gluten free for a year. It didn't help my PCOS or RA but I did lose 20 lbs over the course of the year. I am back on gluten but I only gained back about 5 lbs overall. You are not in this alone. Dieting also doesn't mean denying yourself. If you look at it as healthier eating vs dieting it might help you overall. Hang in there!

  • KingsDaughterKim


    Thank you. Yeah I've eaten gluten free for years now, I have tried so many meal and nutrition programs over the years. I am happy with what I do eat now. No starving or mistreating myself, i just make consistently good food choices. I am a kind of uncertified nutritionexpert after so much work with all the people I have been seeing for my entire life. I have spent thousands of dollars pursuing better health. And my thyroid tests are always normal so the docs drop pursuing it further. It's the lack of results that drives me to feel so unhappy. I try daily but I don't see improvement.

  • mesay


    Look up this woman on YouTube growwithjo she has amazing exercises and workouts

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