so I got into a really big fight with my friend and I'm at camp and I really just wanna go home. I've been kinda quiet at camp bc of some mental shit I don't really wanna get into but ya and basically my friend has been avoiding me for my other friend the entire week and today we were changing and my other friend needed to change and I made some comment abt her just changing in a place closer to where we were going and my friend blew up on me and said that I only wanted to hangout with a different friend and i was quiet the whole week and I was annoying and then she and my others friends just left to the thing we were going to and idk what to do so I need advice I don't want to apologize and she's not gonna apologize to me so ya


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    Well, I don't know the full story, but maybe your friend feels like you don't care? Maybe try talking to them and being honest about your feelings. Usually things like this happen because of misunderstandings.

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