So I'm still taking my meds but I personally still have pretty bad ideation, but when I tried to increase my dose of anti-depressants I became manic so Idk what to do outside of therapy and medication.


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  • EJ18


    You could talk to your doctor about Abilify, it's a mood stabilizer and antipsychotic. That's what I'm on and I rarely experience any symptoms. It really helps with the mood issues.

  • Tofu14


    Lamictal is good. It is a mood stabilizer that even put depression rather than mania (it’s the only one that does that). Might help make you less depressed without triggering mania. I’m also abilify as the person above suggested but that is for my mania/psychosis.

  • Frasierfangirl


    I agree with both above!! Tho lamictal is better for mood stabilizing without too many side effects. Depakote is also a good one

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