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Does anyone else self harm in a way that doesn't involve cutting? I tend to hit my arm or starve myself on purpose sometimes, but I don't really hear other methods of self harm often. Because cutting is the most commonly talked form I used to think that I wasn't self harming

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  • lilee


    I used to rip my gums out of my mouth. It was so bad, my dentist said I was the worst case he'd ever seen, and I might need grafting surgery. That was 9 years ago and I haven't gone back but I only recently stopped.

  • servicedogmom


    Yes, my got to is cutting though but I've also burned myself, hit my head, hit myself until I get big bruises, banged my head against things. That's all I remember right now.

  • Birdlady


    I used to give myself black eyes

  • madajah


    What I normally do is take a rubber band and put it on my wrist. Then pop it. My therapist reccomned it and it works

    • IndyMonkee13647


      THIS!! My therapist told me to do this too! Much much safer than other self harm methods and kinda eases you off of it (or at least it did for me)

  • Beabebeautiful


    My go to recently has been picking my toenails and finger nails off. But I have duct taped my self and pulled it off hard. Used nair wrong on purpose. Things like that.

  • kelianne


    I hit myself all the time whenever im anxious, stressed, angry, ect. I use dto burn myself, cut, starve, ect

  • Kythereia


    Starvation is a method of self-punishment for me. I tried cutting once and thought, "What is the point?" Seeing my blood drip didn't make me feel anything so truthfully I cleaned it up. Starvation, however, centers me. I'm not privy to others seeing actual injuries.

  • IndyMonkee13647


    At my worst, I would use a lot of temperature based things to hurt myself. My water at my old house used to get really fucking hot so I would go to my bathroom and run my hand under that fucking hot water or even shower in it (if I had the energy to). During the winter months, I would go outside without much clothes on me and force myself to stay outside as long as I could. I used to be the same with not really thinking I was self harming because I thought you could really only cut and do it. Years and years later, I just realized that every time I would go on the bus for school, I would lay my head on the windows and I wouldn’t move it at all and let the bus through around my head. I lived out in the country so that bus was bouncing around with gravel roads and it would hit my head pretty hard sometimes. I really don’t think people talk about other forms of self harm much. I wish this would change to spread more awareness.

  • duckling


    For me self harm was just cutting, hitting myself, letting other things hurt me (like a cat scratching me or if the oven is hot), I used a key once just to scratch up my skin and make a big bruise, etc. It was an addiction until I got caught and they threatened to send me away and body check me if I didn't stop so I did. Until recently

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