feel like I don't exist if that makes any sense

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • cbear22


    Same I feel that way too

  • Snow512


    It’s called dissociation, or more specifically depersonalization. There’s also derealization which is feeling like your environment/the world isn’t real I get like this all the time too

  • stache


    I feel that too!

  • Vibesbyangel


    I’m disassociated a lot and it just gets worse the older I get.

  • RogueDream


    I understand this completely, I’ve been struggling with this the past couple weeks but since I was 18 I was diagnosed with all my mental illnesses and it feels sometime like I’m all alone and life is not real which is strange for me to say but it sometimes feels like a bad dream that I can’t awake from. Just know that you’re not alone and i may not know you in person but I care for you and understand completely. I hope you can find relief soon, have you ever seen a therapist or psychiatrist? Sometimes medication can help a lot and give you a better quality of life too.

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