anyone try to stop taking

Generalized pain


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  • hunter2019


    i have before, you may feel kinda anxious and maybe a bit depressed for a bit, chelated magnesium supplements can help a ton with weaning off gabapentin!

  • Brlla


    I've been off for a week now. I only took a low dose. I've had no issues.

  • Lemon_Poppy


    I definitely have issues if I forgot or stop. I feel anxious and the pain is really difficult to manage. Harder to sleep.

  • teeny


    just from missing days before i’ve had a harder time sleeping and felt more sore, but from what i’m aware of i’m taking a decently high dose. definitely tell your doctor if you’re planning to get off of it though

  • Kell


    Yes. I just stopped taking it. It says you are suppose to slowly take yourself off of it. I did the opposite. I had no problem when I stopped taking it.

  • DoubleAbattery


    I stopped taking it for a while and it caused problems but I'm taking it again

  • loveshespoke


    I had to stop

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