How well do my fellow TNers handle dental work?

Trigeminal Neuralgia (TGN)

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  • MsMoscato


    I always tell my dentist if I’m in a flare and he will cover my affected side teeth with gauze and try to avoid using cold water or air on it. If I’m really in pain, I reshedule

  • Grida


    I reschedule. My dentist actually started me on the path to finding my diagnosis. I thought I had teeth problems and allergies.

  • Twitchy_Witchy


    Yep I reschedule too if I’m in a flare and then if I’m not I always inform the dentist before any procedure.

  • Jarka


    I have pulled 4 teeth thinking it was dental issues when it was really a flare up. Ive started to just avoid the dentist all together, not a great strategy

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