I've been on amitriptyline for a few years, which has helped me a lot. I used to be down 3-5 days a week with headaches and now I'm rarely really incapacitated. But this week I've been in worse pain than I have in a long time. None of my usual meds are helping. What helps you when the meds don't?


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  • EleanorRigby


    I darken my room and just sit there trying to calm myself down. It helps make my headache go away for a few days

  • Sunnydaze741


    I’m wondering this myself. I made more doctor appointments to ask them what they think I should do since my meds haven’t been helping my headaches as much and I’ve just been barely functioning 😔

  • AnaSloth


    Never be afraid to ask for a second opinion. Back in 2017 I was told I couldn’t suffer from Cluster Headaches because I was a female and they were too rare for me to have. In 2021 I was finally diagnosed and have been receiving medication that actually helps. Remember to keep that line of communication with your doctor and reach out when needed.

  • Texaslady


    At first when I started Amitriptyline it worked then started to ware off. I went to the Dr and he upped the dosage and it's been working well for me for years. I also have Naproxen for when I have a breakthrough headache.

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