So.. I've always struggled with my gender identity and whatnot. A friend just showed me xenogenders, and well, there are a few that sit extremely well with me and explain a LOT about how I feel. I'm overjoyed that I've found an "explanation" to the way I feel.. However.. I don't know how to really tell my fiance. I'm terrified he will make fun of me or something and it's one of those things I just don't talk to other people about due to trauma.. But I really want him to know because of how excited I am!

Has anyone here had experience with this?

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  • Tobiias


    Do you know how he feels about things like xenogenders currently? I would try and start with explaining just what xenogenders really are, and how happy and connected you feel with the ones you found. It's difficult for people to understand when they don't have a xenogender identity, and prepare for questions, but try and write down how it feels to you, and how it makes sense to you. I hope he understands and accepts this, because it's a great step for you to be able to share this with him!

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