what meds do you take? only meds that work for me are controlled substances.



Persistent Insomnia


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  • Grumpy_Gypsy


    Ambien and melatonin nightly. Before prescribed Ambien, I would drink herbal tea with valerian root, but would feel really groggy in the morning. Ambien seems to work for me.

    • AmbienMan


      lunesta 6mg Chlonidine 2 .2mg pills a night I hate melatonin

  • Sheeba


    I can't take ambien anymore. I was making phone calls in my stupor and sleep. I have no clue how I did it, either. I use melatonin, unisom, hydroxyzine, trazodone and Lunesta. It works but I am still struggling to find sleep.

  • Mandy92886


    I was on lunesta for over 7 yrs, it stopped working so I have tried everything. I started doing sleep meditation using a headband with ear phones build in, they have them in eye masks too. The meditations are free on YouTube, it has helped me a lot!!

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