Do y'all just ever wanna cry? Just...nothing specific caused it, your anxiety compounds and you have a moment where you don't have to worry about anything but you spend thay entire moment just wanting to cry.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Aidan_S_T


    Definitely, just that wave of anxiousness bringing back a lot of memories making me want to break

  • Ljkicksrocs99


    All the time. I am a person who constantly takes care of others, and when I have time for just me alone anything including anxiety comes to the surface of my thoughts and I want to cry. For me I guess I want to have some relief from it all somehow. So I want to cry. Very random moments this happens.

  • Porcelain


    Yes. Other times I have ptsd triggers like animals or children and it makes me cry even if it's a happy story. Whatever it is is likely stress or a trigger that makes you want to cry when things are actually fine.

  • Katgal


    All the time. The worst part is not knowing why I’m crying and I can’t shut it off.

  • Catia


    me. sometimes it's the people we are around that can silently trigger our anxiety to creep up

  • FaithKay


    ✋I cry all the time these days. Especially when I talk to other people. It's crazy but I feel better in the long run. It's like a summer rain because it cleanses my soul .

  • Sasspunk311


    Yes, all the time💛 hang in there

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