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How do you incorporate exercise into your lifestyle habits?

Iron Deficiency Anemia

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  • YaYa631908


    I always try to sneak extra steps in

  • Spectre


    I do some form of exercise every day for at least 30 min; walk, run, yoga or strength training.

  • rockstar


    I like walking but now I can't because my legs are very weak.

  • Angie


    It truly is what helps me the most! A week without working out is always a bad week…

  • Chanel


    I found out that exercise is helpful for each of my diseases. It makes me feel stronger and also happier.

  • quinn1221


    i'm pretty sure i have many other things i just dk what they r called so thats one reason i'm sh*t at working out cuz i lose my breath easily and my face gets red even if i'm not embarrassed or exhausted. but other than that my low iron has scared both me and my mom with PE so i don't do it most of the time,i've received much backlash from my PE teachers and no support.

  • wowwie


    i used to do track and field in school and it was super fun at first but then it got to the point where the only thing my coaches cared about was winning. practices started to get wayy more intense than usual and i started hyperventilating a few times because i was pushing myself too hard and having anxiety attacks. thats when i knew i should quit even if my mom did call me a quitter.

  • Venti


    I used to bike every week, participate in karate and loved rock climbing. I'm too exhausted to do it all now and it makes me sad.

    • cat_shepherd


      I am slowly building up more stamina than I had a year or two ago, but will never be back to where I was. Even more of a gamer now.

  • Melmusic


    Hi I’m new I love working out but when I got hsv2 I gained weight n stop working out plus I had hsv 1 for years n only had one or two outbreaks now I’m scared I have both hsv1-and 2 and a tooth infection .. so I’m glad I found this app I have insurance now n one day want to have one more child I wish everyone good luck stay safe.. 💕 💕 ❤️ 😥

  • cardeg


    I had a routine of going to the gym 3 times a week. Had to stop. Got new hip...went back. Covid hit...went back cautiously wearing a mask...I have asthma that is activated by a virus. I always end up in the hospital on IV steroids. I had an attack in April. My doctor doesn't want me going back right now....I hate the thought of giving it up, but what are you gonna do?...I'm just not disciplined enough to do classes on you tube. Can't walk outside. I'm afraid I won't make it back...I had such a sense of accomplishment going to the gym...

  • IndigoBro


    Advice please. I need to repair my relationship with exercise. I used to be an athlete, pre-professional, JO. Training 50 hours/week. At 17, concussion and injury forced me to stop for the first time. Now I have such emotionally painful struggle when I am trying to get myself to exercise. I know it’s tied to self esteem but I still can’t figure out this puzzle. I miss when going to the gym was a simple pleasure filled with exciting challenges. No matter what I do I feel like such a failure, what’s the difference if I go or don’t. I try making it a schedule but the emotional heaviness is so crushing I can’t even lift. I’ve lost my purpose I guess. How can I motivate myself more than just once in a blue moon? How can I simplify my relationship with exercise?

  • FreddyFabrix


    I would love to exercise and get rid of some of this extra weight, but having limited and painful use of my arm and leg make it so hard to do anything, especially when it comes to pushing the limits.

  • Citla


    I was out all the time ( visiting my nieces, driving around) & I had a job… I can’t even get out of the house without thinking I might faint or have a panic attack. I’m tired throughout the day 😞

  • Lil_Orca_Light


    I like to go swimming when I can. But I work so much I rarely get the chance. It’s the only form of exercise that doesn’t bother my conditions. And without paying a membership it’s a seasonal exercise since I don’t have a pool in my backyard, just in my neighborhood.

  • Scoutie


    Swimming in warm water ☺️💦

  • dadoen


    I was very physically active as a kid, now I have iron deficiency anemia and it makes it so hard just to stand up without my vision going black

  • JuliusSeizure


    My conditions are mostly neuropsychological, so it doesn’t affect my ability to exercise very much, just my motivation/desire to do it. But I do try to exercise about once a week, whether that’s walking to church or doing a few body weight exercises in my room. I know it’s still not enough though, as I still have quite a bit of back pain due to my bad posture at my sedentary job.

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