Can we talk about endo belly? To me it's up there on the most frustrating and upsetting symptoms. Anyone else find comfort in something besides a heating pad and stretchy clothes? I hate how we are told to eat healthy/workout regularly to make endo more manageable but then the body dysmorphia hits like a brick wall when you look 6 months pregnant


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  • beautifulDisasterxo


    I have endometriosis, some what newly diagnosed. What is Endo belly ?!

    • Birdies


      it's the painful severe bloating that is a common endo symptom. People call it endo belly because it makes your tummy appears to be pregnant huge and can't button your pants huge

      • beautifulDisasterxo


        really ??! That has been happening to me for the last 5 days !!! I thought I was bloated and maybe the pain was from being so bloated ! Jesus why have I never heard of this ?! Do you get sharp pains ?

  • E11iefant


    Girl I feel you😭 I always avoid inflammatory food during my period and it helps a little! Here’s a list of some inflammatory food: - dairy - red meat (make sure to eat a lot of iron heavy food after your period is over) - soy - gluten - fiber Hope this helps ❤️

    • Birdies


      I do my best to avoid these regularly, thank you for the list tho❤

    • LongFrog1


      No way I never knew this was a thing!! I always thought I had ibs, do you mind if I ask what sort of foods/meals you have day to day to avoid having those inflammatory foods? I have quite similar foods that irritate me and I've never been able to avoid them all

  • 100Percent_K


    Honestly it drove me nuts for SO long. After a combo of a full GI work up and excision of endo they were able to significantly minimize mine. I have gastroparesis and it’s apparently common to have motility issues with endo

  • KittyGreen


    Yeah this is the part the drove me crazy I'm not 100% sure if this works medically but my Dr told me to take ice baths in short burst like 2 a week when it's my period it's helped with my bloating it doesn't take it all away by any means but it helps a little

  • Em05xx


    As a teenager i feel you sm 😥 the pressure of us girls and women to look amazing all the time is awful. I recommend to log foods that make ur endo belly flare and then try to slowly cut them out

  • Blue2311


    I have an endo belly too. I can’t use heat on my tummy anymore due to a large burn due to excessive use and I’m so uncomfortable in regular clothes as I feel like I look a few months pregnant and I look quite a bit younger than I am. I also struggle with dieting because I’m autistic so I really struggle with taste and texture. I also can’t exercise due to the pain and I don’t know what to do. If you would like to talk please reach out. :)

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