Have you ever felt embarrassed by your anxiety? I get randomly embarrassed by mine because I have nervous laughter. I hate when it happens because it's NEVER at a good time. If someone cries around me, I get nervous and laugh. Once, someone told me their relative died; they were really upset. I didn't know what to do. After looking at them a few seconds, I burst out laughing in their face, and if looks could kill. 😒 I lost that friendship immediately. No amount of explaining could crack the window back open. I was so embarrassed. It wasn't a little chuckle either. It was a throw your head back, gut busting guffaw. 😩
Can anyone else relate?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • deardiary


    sometimes i do… i get totally nervous during presentations and i feel like i look so goofy lol. i have been successfully starting to peel away from my anxiety and challenging it more and overcoming the power it’s held over me, but this oddly is the one thing i am having trouble conquering. 🤔 not sure why.

    • Sincerely


      definitely. I've tried to work on it but now I don't. There was about a decade in my life when I didn't laugh at all, nothing was funny by the time I turned 25. My laugh was gone. So now, I hate that I laugh at inappropriate times sometimes but I don't try and stop it. I never want to lose my laugh again. Life sucks REALLY BAD when you can't find the humor in it.

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