how do you deal with mean alters in other people's systems that swear at you and tell you to go away and sometimes get mad if you do? idk what to do. I've been called a bitch before by one and everything they say gives me a panic attack. I feel like a terrible person rn.


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  • Syd.The.Space.Sloth


    those alters most likely have a lot of trauma and what they are doing are trauma responses. it most likely has nothing to do with you, they are probably scared. you are not a terrible person. you have not done anything wrong. you'll need to have patience with them, and that will be hard. my best suggestion is to set boundaries, put your foot down, coupled with reassurance. for example, "i care about you, but i will not talk with you when you speak to me like this." it is perfectly okay to take a step back for yourself. your mental health matters <3

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