can someone explain to me the different types of alters, I'm quite new to this and I'm confused and I have no clue what's going on, sorry and thank you

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • BreeTheRed


    This isn't a direct answer to your question, but we get along best when I don't label any of us ^^;

  • damon


    Labels aren't really necessary, and not exactly a natural thing either that are prepackaged with an alter by any means. But many of the labels I see people use are things like Protector/guardian (pretty self explanatory), persecuter alters (alters who may be challenging to get along with at first), fictive alters (alters who stemmed from fictional characters), fragment alters (alters that don't have a fully complex personality or maybe exist to hold a singular memory, etc) littles (child alters), and I'm sure there's more but those are the general stereotyped roles some people will label alters by. I'd encourage you to not look at this as an exact science though. Most of the time alters are just as diverse and multicomplex as you or me and don't always have a one size fits all label. The alter who best fits the description of my 'protector' could just as easily be labeled my persecuter on an off day. Good luck though! and if you ever need anything feel free to DM me, I'm always open to helping answer questions or just being someone to vent to

  • Syd.The.Space.Sloth


    this reminds me, i wanted to make a list with definitions of all the general alter role terms feel free to DM us!

  • Syd.The.Space.Sloth


    update: we have a list now

  • Danny420


    If you dm me I can give you personal examples of certain roles. I personally don't identify myself, but if I did I'd probably be the host

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