I have been struggling with self harm suicidal thought eating disorders and more yet I'm still here. I'm proud if myself.


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  • Gwen71


    I do not know you but I'm proud of you too🤗🙏👍

  • jy.grenier


    I'm proud of you too this is something that's harder for people to understand but youve got this and never let someone else define your progress you've got yourself and that's all you need to get where you want your amazing

  • Jewelicorn


    You are doing amazing

  • lazydaisy


    You are stronger than you think. Its hard to live with these thoughts. I once hears a quote that says, when we feel like disappearing maybe all we really want is to be found… so stick around people and things that make you feel seen. ❤️ 🙏

  • Captain_Honey


    You're doing great! I'm proud of you for staying here. I hope the thoughts go away soon. Keep up the fight. 💛

  • Bre19


    I'm very proud of you! You didn't let them defeat you instead you are still here fighting!

  • Something_Strange


    Good. Be proud of yourself. Keep fighting. Overcoming self harm and suicidal thoughts isn't easy.. but you're still going. That means you're strong.

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