My boyfriend/FP is moving back to his university campus since his semester's started, and although he's not that far at all, we're both taking it pretty hard just because we won't be able to see each other nearly every day like we're used to. I've realized today it's taken a toll on my mental health and I just feel so melancholic and empty. It really feels like my soul has left my body. It's really triggering feelings of abandonment even though my logical brain KNOWS he would never do that. I'm just so upset and this is honestly the first adult in-person relationship I've had and I don't want to screw it up with my obsessive tendencies and irrational emotional reactions. If anyone has been in a situation like this before, what have you done to better cope with it?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • goofers


    ive been in a similar situation and the important thing is to talk to other people that aren’t him. Trust me that will help with the obsessive tendencies. You need other people to rely on that aren’t him who can validate that he’s okay and that you are loved by more people than just him. If you get anxious or anything text someone else not him all the time. It will take a toll on his mental health too. Lastly I know it’s hard but you have to remember that he loves you and that you know that you have big reactions to small changes. Being self aware will help

  • esh


    Whenever I’m feeling anxious and alone or feeling very intense emotions, I actually come to this app. It reminds me I’m not alone and that people genuinely care. It’s hard with BPD to feel fully supported when you are usually surrounded by people who don’t have BPD. We get you though, I’m sorry you’re missing your bf. As cliché as it sounds it will improve with time. Look at it as an opportunity to really build a strong sense of self 💪🏻 you two can grow from this together 💕

  • runefactoryeight


    Make sure you have a strong support system outside of your FP. It's hard, I know, you want him to be the center of your life. Don't let that happen. Let him be there for you when he can be, but otherwise, make sure you have others you can lean on.

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