Whenever i get my period, i get HORRIBLE cramps to the point where im nausea and vomiting(5-10 times a day), not eating for the first day, and so tried. I have been on 2 BC's they helped than stopped, i was wondering if there are any at home remedies to help atleast be in a comftable position, i use a heating pad and take 3 medcines, and it helps a bit but not a lot.





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  • chloerae


    The only thing that really helped me were essential oils, more specifically geranium, lavender, and peppermint. For every drop of essential oil, you need 10 drops of emollient (you can use coconut oil , plain nonscented lotion,etc.)

    • liv_785


      on my stomach or do i eat it?

      • chloerae


        I am so sorry for not getting back to you sooner! It goes on your abdomen and on the bottom of your feet (it absorbs there fastest)

  • Green_


    I had very strong period cramps for the first day of my period also. I would throw up all day, and barely be able to eat or drink. I would have to cancel any plans and just lay in bed all day in horrendous pain. But what finally helped me get my life back are these patches. You put one on your abdomen, and within 15 minutes my cramps went at least 5 levels down in pain. They last for about 12 hours. They’re great. I would also recommend using an over the counter pain killer with them, to get rid of pain almost completely. Hope this helps! :D

    • liv_785


      thank you so much i will be ordering some and see if it helps

  • Chronically_Awesome


    Hot tub helps me

  • Ninothesloth


    Try taking your pain relievers a few days before your period. You can use an app like Flo to track your cycle and it notifies you a few days before you period. It works for me. I know ibuprofen and naproxen helps inhibits prostaglandins which cause cramps. You should go see an obgyn though and I’m not a doctor.

  • buttercuplol


    i begin taking two advil and two tylenol a day or two before my period starts (i’m on birth control so i know when that will be) and that’s really all the advice i can give. i’ve been on three birth controls, none of which have worked well enough, and i’ve seen an OBGYN and had several sonograms, and i am completely clear of cysts or any other issue in my internal organs. i’ve had blood tests done too and i’m not anemic or anything. but i have a tendency to pass out and throw up when i get my period. i cant eat and i have excessive cramps, to the point where i’m often skipping out on classes because i can’t get out of bed. my mom is a family practice doctor and she always has me drinking gatorade zero and eating soups and such while i’m sick w cramps . but other than that i’m not sure how to help.

    • liv_785


      this is exactly what i'm going threw i have been on two bc, which helped than stopped, but i have horrible cramps, throwing up, backache, cant get up etc.

    • liv_785


      somebody reccomended me the for period cramps which i will be trying and also sometimes i use a tens machine, which helps me sometimes i got mines from walgreens, but it doesnt take all the pain away just some

  • JuniperBerry


    Zinc vitamins helped me so much. It reduced the heaviness and size of clots. However if you take zinc then feel nauseous, stop taking it, zinc toxicity is bad. Another odd thing that helped me is a small amount of red wine. There's a chemical in it that reduces cramps for some people. Taking ibuprofen before my period starts helps reduce the size of clots and pain

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