Does anybody else with anxiety find themselves keeping so busy with other tasks so you're not forced to deal with your anxiety, so then you overwhelm yourself and that makes you more anxious.. and around and around it goes?

SAHM, full time student, wife, part time graphic designer, streamer, content creator, fitness nutritionist and enthusiast.

My anxiety is on the back burner right now where I would like for it to stay but there's days that it creeps up on me and it's exhausting trying to supress it constantly.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Annie24


    ❤️I feel that. I’ve had to learn to pace myself because I get panic attacks if I overdo it. Your body will protest if you run it ragged.

  • AyKay


    Sometimes I can't sleep and other days I want to hibernate. It's exhausting. I try to be tough but that just makes me more emotionally exhausted, then I end up lashing out at the people that I love the most 😥

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