So, I've been noticing something about when I zone off... I see colors become more pigmented as well as a visible aura of things around me. My phiripheral becomes blurrier and my vision is just off... I don't know how to explain it. When I zone off, I have a habit where I find it comforting to rock back and forth with my arms crossed resting on my lap. I just have a blank stare and people's voices around me sound distant, almost as though they're trying to wake me up from a dream. My tics get really bad during this, too (like I'll blink really hard then open my eyes really wide after, or shift my head a certain way really rapidly). No one can really wake me up from this trance. Even if they try, it takes about 30 minutes for me to snap out of it. It's scary how I even I myself can't snap myself out of this trance once I'm in it and it happens randomly but especially when I'm in social situations for a long time or after I talk about my mental health (so I guess it's linked to being anxious or judged?). It's scary but I feel comfortable once it's happening. Almost like it's something necessary that my body needs to do once in a while. Is there anyone else that experiences this?


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  • Billzgurl


    I don't have that as a experience but i do drift alot dreaming I guess . I shut my mind off and go somewhere

  • HeyReese


    That sounds like a partial or absent seizure. I would definitely speak with your neurologist. I didn’t look at your profile to see, but hormones can really affect them too, esp. if you menstruate. My guess (purely just that, a guess), is that you’re overwhelmed/stressed when this is happening. Stressors can trigger seizures. Also, keep a food/med diary. I found out about my celiac disease after my seizures started. They only come up now if I accidentally eat a lot of gluten. Medical 🌱 helped me a lot, but I would clear it with your doc or pharmacist 1st (if it’s legal where you are)

  • Soskae


    I’ve noticed with me when I am getting a migraine I get way more absent episodes. I kind of go through a similar thing where I’m there but unresponsive. I know where I am and I’m not scared and I can hear and see but I can’t recall anything I heard or saw after and my eyes hurt super bad after (probably because I don’t blink i think). My neurologist just put me on Zonisamide to hopefully fix both at the same time so I’m hoping that helps me but it’s too early to tell. The migraine alley may be something worth looking into as a comorbidity

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