Have you ever been scared to see a doctor about something because you're scared that you'll be right?

I've been having progressively worse menstrual problems for the past few years. Longer and closer together periods, increasingly painful cramps, lower back pain (this is actually new), fatigue to a point where I can't get out of bed. Makes my migraines an even worse hell.

I'm scared that I may have endometriosis. The women in my family have had severe menstrual problems on both sides of my family. PCOS, cystic fibrosis, and ovarian/uterine cancer, specifically, but my mother specifically had very similar issues to me and never got a real named diagnosis.

Since she had a three children by 21, she had a full hysterectomy when she was only a few years older than I am now. Of course, she neglected to tell me the reason behind the hysterectomy at a super young age until incredibly recently, but that's another can of worms.

I'm genuinely scared. I don't want my fertility to be effected and I don't want to lose it completely or be forced to have a biological child earlier than I'm ready to because I won't have another choice.

But I'm also terrified to get tested and find out that my hunch is right.

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  • Justinerosexx


    Yes but the sooner you go IF you had something wrong they can treat it. Better than waiting!

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