Does anyone else feel a depressive episode or depressed and go and buy something to make yourself feel better. I think that's what's majorly supporting my current makeup addiction yes I love makeup but also I think I just buy to feel good. lol. Anyone else like this?


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  • aliensaucers


    Absolutely. It’s the instant serotonin rush that you receive from gaining smth

  • Natron01


    I just ordered $250 worth of car parts (stuff that is not necessary) for my car just to try and get excited about something

  • thefloorislava


    Yes, but protip, get cheap clearance makeup at like target and don't let urself spend more than 20 follars. Try to pretend ur a YouTube from 2016 who has a challenge of going to thr store with 20 bucks to get a full lewk, so that way u can maximize the fun and minimize the cost

  • NiqueMK


    Yes! I had a problem at one point now I am doing so much better. I love makeup! Anything new that would come out I wanted but now I don’t have the urge to buy everything like I used to. I’m actually trying to just use what I have. But that feeling get a brand new piece of makeup is great. But I’d never really use it lol. Once I opened it and swatched it, that’s was it. Wouldn’t really think about it anymore.

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