How do you deal with extremely low motivation? I've barely had any motivation to do the things I love recently. Is this common for people with depression and/or any kind of depressive disorder?


acute lethargy

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  • Miss_Construed


    I think so. I suffer with very low motivation too. My housekeeping is minimal, definitely lacking tbh. I find it difficult to concentrate on stuff without ruminating about the past or feeling hopeless about the future. I'm here to chat if it helps

  • sorenachy


    I haven't used my light box for a couple years now and I can definitely tell the difference. I have no motivation and no energy. I seem to be tired all the time. And I know I need to use it starting in late October through at least the end of March

  • Eren2273


    I force myself to do what I need to do anyway, even if it takes me an entire day to do it

  • TheBigSpook


    This is suuuuper common. The way I get myself to do things is by reminding myself that 1% is better than 0%. Meaning, if I can not fathom taking an entire shower, I’ll put a shower cap on and just wash my body. Or if it’s severe, I’ll use baby wipes to spot clean and use dry shampoo so my hair feels less greasy. Because doing something poorly or even just doing part of something is better than not doing anything at all.

    • Miss_Construed


      that's great advice. I like it

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