just wanted to say hello. new to the app. I haven't left my home for 2 years. I have battled agoraphobia for 10 years. how are you all?



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  • BlackFawn


    ❤️ I'm OK.

  • Sherry52


    I have the same issue going on 3 years now. I only leave the house for drs or the hospital. I have a license but I don’t trust myself behind the wheel. My groceries are delivered and I try to organize holidays so family comes to me. I’m very uncomfortable at others homes to the point of a migraine or panic attack. I hate it. I use to love sunbathing, swimming and watching my grandchildren at the park. Now it makes me feel vulnerable and on complete defensive mode. Almost paranoid. Any tips anyone can offer?

    • juicyjuju


      I struggle with agoraphobia and have for years. I took advantage for everyone going remote for covid 19 and found a therapist that did phone only therapy. A lot of them do right now. It's a great jumpstart. My therapist has me doing exposure therapy. I go outside and it's ok if I panic but I have to just settle down and let the anxiety pass before I can head back inside. If I'm scared to go in a store I can do baby steps over weeks like looking at the outside until I'm calm. Going up the door until I'm calm. If physically being there is too much she has me imagine doing those things in my head. She also has me make a list of what I'm scared of happening and then she had me make a list of how I can prepare for those outcomes ahead of time reasonably And safely. I hope all these little tips help you like they're helping me. 💕❤️

  • mzjezzebellz


    I will on leave the house with my safe person. Usually I won't even leave the car. 😥😥😥

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