Hey I'm Tori and I've been mentally abused by narcissist and manipulative parent. I recently got out and I'm trying to start my life. Which is no easy task considering my parent gave me nothing to start with. I had to get my license, get a job, and find a place to live. My parent told me I wasn't allowed to do those things because essentially I was her Cinderella. I did all chores and took care of things from a young age up until March when she kicked me out due to a disagreement. She told me I may come back under her terms and under a contact. That's when I decided I needed out. Its hard having to navigate this world given nothing to start from and it's really stressful. I'm doing the best I can but even then I feel like it's not my best. I just want to know how can I try to rebuild that confidence my parent took from me? Sorry for the rant it's been a rough couple months.

Child emotional/psychological abuse

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