How does one accept that their trauma was enough? Like... not punishing yourself for what you went through, and learning how to not wish for worse trauma?

Any help here please.

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  • mrlove108


    Im not sure if this will help your situation, but whenever i was going though that, to not make myself feel pain because i think i deserve it. And realistically i still think i deserve some, i cant do anything. But i can be selfish to myself and say that i dont like the pain or things going wrong, i just want everything to be okay. Its okay to not want to be hurt, even if you think you deserve it. Its a favor to yourself. I cant shake the feeling of what I've done, i live in guilt. But i can hopefully have a life where nobody gets hurt, have you tried to ask yourself why you believe you deserve it? Because in all honesty we are all human and we all have issues that nobody else will truly understand. And in all honesty i dont even understand whats wrong with me. I doubt i ever will. But i can move on with my life because i try my best to help people around me i dont believe i deserve pain anymore because I don't hurt others anymore. Im really bad with words but i really hope you can find something out

  • sillyashell


    I find that I start doing this because I keep comparing myself to others, and that's a habit I need to break. Remember that you would not be so distressed over what happened if it "wasn't enough." You are seeing the effects of what happened, you are living the experience. Try not to punish yourself more. Forgiveness is key.

    • sillyashell


      Also, sorry for being so late to this

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